Beginners Guide to Yahoo Mail and Email


Email is still the main application on the Internet, and almost everyone uses it; both privately, and for business.

It is so incredibly popular that almost everyone is assumed to be proficient in its use.

But every day some one will be creating a new email account day and composing and sending an email for the very first time.

For beginners there is a lot to learn, and the aim of this site is to provide tutorials, and practical step by step instructions to help you use Yahoo mail and email in general.

Getting Started

If you are completely new to email then you should start with the email basics tutorial /course. This will teach you about email accounts addresses,contacts,clients and the fundamentals of sending and receiving email.

At the end of each section you will find optional short quizzes to test your understanding.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo-mail-iconYahoo mail is probably the most popular free email service and is ideal for beginners.

Although not as feature rich as Gmail it is simpler to use- See Yahoo Mail Overview-

To use Yahoo email you will first need a Yahoo Mail account.

A Yahoo account gives you access to Yahoo mail and other Yahoo services (Yahoo Answers,flickr etc) . see Creating a New Yahoo Email Account.

Accessing Your Email

To access your email, send and receive emails you will need an email client.

There are three popular email client types.They are:

  • Desktop (Outlook Express, Outlook, windows live Mail) etc
  • Smart phone based clients called Apps.
  • Web Based clients – Your Browser e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer.

A desktop and or smart phone based email client needs to be installed, setup and configured on the computer or smart phone that you are using. See Accessing Yahoo Email Using Windows Live Mail and Yahoo Mobile

Webmail Clients don’t need to be configured, and work on any computer or mobile phone.

They are ideal for beginners, and for people who travel, because to connect to your email by just typing the web address of your email provider into your web browser.

Generally most people will use a web browser or email client like Windows live mail on a desktop or laptop and an Email App on a smart phone or tablet.

Using Yahoo Mail Tutorials

The following tutorials will get you started with Yahoo mail using the browser client.

Yahoo Mail Overview- Overview of the main features of Yahoo Mail.

How To Send an Email in Yahoo Mail Compose and send an email, including attachments.

Reading and Replying to Email -Yahoo Mail -Learn how to read,reply and forward emails.

How to Organise Email in Yahoo Mail -Get control of you inbox and learn to use basic organisational features like folders, conversations etc.

Managing Yahoo Email Contacts -How to add and remove contacts from the Yahoo address book. Create and manage contact list to email to multiple recipients.

How to Use Dropbox With Yahoo Mail -Use Dropbox to send large email attachments without having to worry about having your email bounced because it was too large.

Managing Yahoo Email Account

You will also need to manage your Yahoo Account and Email settings. These tutorials cover the most important settings.

Using Google Gmail

google-mail-iconGmail is the second most popular email service for visitors of this site.

If you are a Gmail user or considering using Gmail then see the Gmail overview and tutorials page.

Windows Live Mail

wlm-iconThe Windows live mail client replaced outlook express, and has itself been replaced by windows mail in Windows 10. It is still however very popular and widely used.

I currently use it for accessing all my my email. See WLM overview and tutorials.

Moving Email

Moving email either between computers or email providers is a very common process. If you need to do this then you might find these tutorials of use:

Popular Tutorials


The Email FAQs has a collection of common questions and answers to help you with your email problems.

If you have a question then just ask and I will do my best to help.

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