Beginners Guide to Email

Email is still the main application on the Internet and almost everyone uses it; both privately, and for business.

Individuals and small home businesses don’t have a  technical department to setup and manage their email and must do it themselves.

Over the years I’ve received many emails asking…How do I…
Email for Beginners

  • Access email from a remote location
  • Setup my email account
  • Access multiple email accounts
  • Change my email address
  • etc..

So.. If you’re a small business/home business owner wondering perhaps how to send a large email to a client, or a personal email user trying to send some pictures to your mom.

Getting Started

If you are a complete beginner then I recommend you start with the Email Basics  tutorial and Understanding the Sending and Receiving Process .

If you are looking to set up a personal email account then see How to Get and Create Your Own Email Address -

For small business and those who want an email with their own domain name then see  How to set up an Email Address on own domain

Test your email knowledge. Take the Email Basics Quiz


If you have a question then please ask.

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