Email For Beginners


Email is still the main application on the Internet, and almost everyone uses it; both privately, and for business.

Having access to email and knowing how to use it has become essential.

However many people,especially seniors are just starting with email for the first time.

The aim of this site is to provide easy to read tutorials, and practical step by step instructions to help you to setup and use email confidently and securely.

Getting Started

To start using email you will need an:

  • email address and account
  • An email client

The email basics tutorial explains email addresses,accounts and how to get one. Email clients and how to choose one and how to send and receive email.

Quick Links

Do You want to set up Email for your small business?

Do you want to create a new Yahoo Email account?

Are you struggling Sending a Folder using Email ?

Do you wonder what happens when you forward email or perhaps you need to set up automatic email forwarding.

Do you need to send and receive email on your mobile phone?

This site, has over the last 15 plus years, helped 100 of thousands of email users understand, setup and use email, and will hopefully help you as well.

If you have a question then just ask Steve and I will do my best to help.

Best Regards

Why not test your email knowledge with the email basics quiz.

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Latest Posts

Email AutoResponders Explained

email-autorespondersWhat are email autoresponders? – An email autoresponder or automatic email response is an email that is sent automatically in response to some form of trigger.

Originally autoresponders were used to send an automatic email in response to an email.(the trigger)

They were used mainly for requesting information. (more…)

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Understanding Domain Names, Email Accounts and Email Addresses

emailMany people that are new to email seem to have difficulty understanding the difference between:

  • Email domains
  • Email accounts
  • Email mailboxes
  • Email addresses.

Let’s start by looking at a typical email address: (more…)

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Understanding and Using Vcards

VcardsWhat is a Vcard?vCard is a file format standard for electronic business cards. –Wiki

Vcards can contain phone numbers,email addresses,photos and even audio clips.

Although  vcards can be used for transferring email contact information the vcard format is also used by Customer Relationship management (CRM) systems,PDAs etc. (more…)

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How To Transfer Money Using Email

money-transferI grew up in an age were using cheques to send and receive money was the norm.

Today in the digital age cheques have almost become extinct.

Most banks today offer online banking and will allow you to transfer money directly from one account to another. (more…)

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Email Spam, Blacklists and Whitelists Explained

What is Spam?

spam-iconEmail spam,,junk mail or Unsolicited Email is email you receive that you don’t want, or didn’t ask for, and is sent by someone you don’t even know.

In the early days of email spam was a big problem.

Although spam hasn’t disappeared, it is now usually taken care of on the email providers servers.

Most email providers,including free providers like Gmail provide some form of spam detection and blocking. (more…)

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