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I’m Stephen cope and I’m a freelance Microsoft Certified Trainer and consultant.

I have been training since 1995, before which I spent approximately 17 years in the telecommunications Industry.

I started using email over twenty years ago.

At that time not many companies had email systems, and Telex and Fax were the main ways companies exchanged data electronically. The telephone and letters were the main methods of businesses and personal communication.

Today no one uses Fax or Telex, the telephone has been replaced by the mobile phone and writing letters is considered quaint.

Over these last 20 years Email has become the predominant form of communication both businesses and personal.

So much so  that according to statistics over 3 Million emails are sent every second, and email is the most popular activity even on smart phones.

Because of the wide spread adoption of email having an email account, and an email address has become just as  important as having a phone.

People who may not need email for work are finding that they need to use it to book holidays, make online purchases and even file a Tax return.

Let The Kids Do It

For those who are not so technical and a bit more mature the first thought is to lets the kids set it up.

Kids today seem to be able to find their way around a smart phone, send massages on Facebook and send pictures with Instagram without any effort.

My own kids have email accounts, and they set them up themselves but do you:

  • Really want to be called sexy_xxx@.
  • Want a password of password.

Finding your own way around email and feeling confident that you are using it correctly and securely is possible even if you are completely non technical.

The aim of this site is to provide step by step tutorials and videos to help.

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions you may have regarding this site. Your feedback is important and will be treated confidentially.

Important: Request for assistance- I have over the last few years helped thousands of users with problems involving Outlook Express and IncrediMail. However due to my workload and the volume of help request I receive I regret that I am unable to continue to do so.

General questions like “how do I access my home email from my office?”  will be answered but questions like:

  • I get error xx when I start outlook Express
  • I can’t send email from incrediMail
  • etc

will not:

From today (31 March 2008) I will arrange for all such requests be automatically deleted.


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