Move or Transfer Email Messages from Yahoo Mail

Updated: 16th November 2016

If you want to move from Yahoo mail to another email provider like gmail or move email between different Yahoo Mail accounts  then you will probably want to retain access to your old emails.

Many email providers e.g. Gmail provide migration tools that make moving to a new account quite simple, but if they don’t then you will need to do it manually.

In this tutorial we cover a very simple method on ,manually transferring/moving email messages between different email providers, and between different accounts on the same provider.

Export Requirements and Procedure

Before you start you need to be aware of you current email configuration, and your final email requirements. You need to consider:

  • Will you continue to use the Yahoo email account after the export/move?
  • Do you normally access Your Yahoo email using a desktop client and if so what access protocol are you using POP3 or IMAP4 ?
  • Are you moving to a new email provider e,g. Gmail,
  • How many email messages do you need to export/move ?

The export procedure we will use is quite straightforward, and is as follows

  • Configure an email client to connect to your current Yahoo Mailbox using IMAP4.
  • Configure your email client to connect to your Other Mailbox using IMAP4.- The new Mailbox
  • Move Messages from the Yahoo inbox,sent items,deleted items etc to new folders on the IMAP4 account.

Setting Up the Client to Access  Yahoo Mail

For Windows live mail it is covered in:

However the process is similar for  most email clients.

Exporting The Messages

The video below takes you through the export process:

Video Notes:

  1. You may need to create new folders in the destination mailbox before you can export/move the messages.
  2. I prefer to copy the messages first as you can always delete them at a later date, once you are happy with the new setup


If you only have small number of emails that you want to export,
then it is sometimes easier to forward them to your new email account.


Moving email messages to and from Yahoo is quite  straightforward using a desktop based email client. You should also note that the procedure can also be used to move messages from any email provider that supports IMAP4 access.





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