Using The to,cc and Bcc fields – by Example

send-email-address-fieldsMany people that are new to email have difficulty deciding which field to use when sending email, and so I thought it would be easier to explain by going through some examples.

Here is quick chart that is meant to act as a rough guide on how they are used:


Scenario 1

You are sending a work schedule to a team with 5 members and your manager needs to be kept informed.


Scenario 2

You are sending a work schedule to a team with 5 members, your manager needs to be kept informed,and a director as asked that you keep him in the loop, but discreetly.


Scenario 3

You are sending a note to a team member (member1) and the rest of the team needs to to be aware of it including the manager.


Scenario 4

You are sending an email to a very large email list of over 100 addresses.


Note: Using the bcc line keeps the list member email addresses confidential, it also guards against possible mail storms in the event that a recipient does a reply to all.

Quick Quiz

Test your knowledge and understanding of email address fields and take the quiz.

Using To,cc and bcc

Test knowledge of use of the to,cc and bcc fields

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