Consolidate Email Accounts in Yahoo Mail

Updated: 1st September 2016

Yahoo allows you to consolidate email from multiple email accounts into your Yahoo mailbox.

This is very useful if you want all of your email to appear in one place,and it is also a good way of getting web based access to your mailbox when your email providers doesn’t support it.

To use it the email mailbox that you want access to must support POP3 access (they almost all do).

You then configure Yahoo with the account details of the mailbox just like you would do with a client like outlook or outlook express.

When finished Yahoo will connect to the external mailbox, and pull the email into your Yahoo account.

Once the email is in your Yahoo Mailbox you can read it using Yahoo Webmail (i.e. your browser) or you can retrieve it using your normal POP3 client.

Go to Mail Options and Select mail accounts:

Click Add to add a new Account

Enter a name and the email address of the account

Fill in the form.

Notes for form

  1. User name is normally the email address
  2. You will need to know the password of the email account
  3. You will need to know the address of the POP3 server for this account
  4. If the mailbox has lots of email already in it then you may want only to retrieve new email, and not all of the old email.
  5. If you are still accesses this mailbox via another email client you need to leave it on the server.

Click Save to save your settings and you get a confirmation screen

Click OK and scroll down the account screen and you should see a message regarding sending email from this account.

You should fill out the sending name and reply to address (same as the email address) and click the link in the email that Yahoo sends to you (if you get one).

Note I didn’t receive a message but it still worked OK

The external POP3 accounts aren’t checked automatically. You have to request that Yahoo checks them by clicking “checkĀ  mail accounts” on the top of your inbox.


Sending Email Using the External Account Address

You can send an email from your Yahoo inbox that appears to come from your external mailbox.

To do that you select the from address using the drop down box when you compose an email

Note: When you reply to an email sent to the external address then the from address is automatically set to the external address.

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